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Mark Kithcart is a marketing strategist, San Francisco area marketing consultant and new media communications executive with deep experience in online/offline marketing, online media, social media and brand development. 18 years of management and leadership experience in the successful development, execution and control of various aspects of complex technical and business projects. Senior-level executive and strategist at a wide range of companies, from start-ups to large multinational organizations including, HP, Agilent, Bechtel and more. Specialties - Integrated marketing & communications strategies - Content marketing strategies - Social media marketing / new media strategies - Public speaking & presentations - Digital marketing strategies - Channel Partner outreach and development Marketing, content marketing, online marketing, offline marketing, synergistic marketing, SEO, SEM, social media, web 2.0 technologies, online social communities, media, interactive media

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  • Great article and I do agree with you however as someone who was laid off 14 months ago I have used this time to engage in an arena that is driving the way business is now done, whether it be from an integrated marketing perspective or for business development. Those new to the sand box shouldn't be marketing themselves as experts but those that have been effected by downsizing and are taking the opportunity to develop a new skill set shouldn't be looked down upon by those more senior in the field of SM. I encounter this frequently and it is not only annoying but rude. I am new to SM but have been in the business world for 10 years. I offer consulting services that include SM but am always up front and honest with where my experience lies. This industry needs to be inclusive of new comers and not threatened by them and in time the bad ones will be weeded out, and a certification will come to the industry just as it has done in others. @NicoleGSimonds

  • Hi Nicole – thanks for stopping by and commenting. This post wasn't meant for you (but you probably already new that). The reason I know that it wasn't meant for you is, you would have never responded if you weren't authentic. Also I agree with you – in every industry newcomers are needed to bring fresh ideas and to challenge the ones already in place.

    The people that concern me are the folks who are selling social media as a panacea and that THEY are the ones who know how it works (a guru or expert) and have figured it all out within a few months. That doesn't sound like you at all.

    Congratulations on teaching yourself new ideas and diving in where most would not. Good luck in your journey and I would be more than happy to give you any advice or feedback during your journey. Welcome!

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