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Viral Video – 3 Steps to Success by YouTube Trend Manager Kevin Allocca

I do have an obsession with the moniker "Let's make it go viral" but not in a good sense.  I hate those five words "Let's make it go viral" - the leading word that spurns the hate for this moniker is "make".  I don't think you can make anything go viral much less a viral video - see my last post on viral video and the research that supports this.  Yes there some exceptions but how much did you pay to "make" ...

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Social Media, Facebook and SEO – It is Changing

I believe SEO is still the fundamental foundation for everything we do online to help us drive to discover our target audience (or have them discover us) and resultantly get those targeted folks to take the action once they find our online assets and collateral. Some earth shaking shifts are happening in the Google/SEO/Social Media arena that are going to get folks talking for a few weeks on what it all mea ...

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